Discovery Sport vs Range Rover Evoque

Discovery Sport

Range Rover Evoque


Luxury SUVs don't get any better than the 2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport and the 2017 Range Rover Evoque. As Land Rover vehicles, these models are well appointed with high tech features and only the finest materials. However, there are few big differences between the two, and they'll work better depending on your individual needs. To start, the Evoque is a subcompact SUV, while the Discovery Sport is a midsize SUV, and they offer different handling dynamics. Learn more about these premium models in this comparison from Land Rover Hoffman Estates.

Seating Capacity

One of the main differences between the Evoque and the Discovery Sport is the amount of passengers each can carry. The Evoque has a passenger capacity of five in most configurations, while the Discovery Sport gives you the option to add a third row of seating. If you're planning on carrying up to seven passengers, the Discovery Sport is the better choice. In addition, it can hold more cargo as well, with 32.7 cubic feet with all seats in place, and a maximum cargo capacity of 60 cubic feet. The Evoque offers 20.3 cubic feet with all seats up, and a maximum cargo capacity of 51 cubic feet. If you need more cargo and passenger room to keep your family happy, the Discovery Sport is the way to go. 

Fuel Economy

As the smaller of the two vehicles, it makes sense that the Evoque would offer superior fuel economy ratings. Let's take a look and see how they stack up:

  • The 2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport delivers 20 mpg city/25 mpg highway with all-wheel drive and a nine-speed automatic transmission.

  • The 2017 Range Rover Evoque uses a similar engine to the Discovery Sport, as well as all-wheel drive and a nine-speed automatic transmission. It's fuel economy comes to 21 mpg city/29 mpg highway.

If you'd like to save on fuel costs, the Evoque is better suited for you.

Starting Price

A big consideration in your purchasing decision is starting MSRP. The Discovery Sport starts at $37,695 MSRP, while the Evoque starts at $41,800. While both models include plenty of standard features, the Evoque is equipped with full leather seats and both front and rear parking sensors. Those features are missing from the base trim Discovery Sport. Check out each model's options list and see which one will better meet your needs.

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