2017 Range Rover vs. 2017 Lincoln Navigator

Range Rover



In the market for a tried-and-true luxury SUV? It's worth looking closely at the 2017 Range Rover and the 2017 Lincoln Navigator. Both models have a well-known luxury pedigree, but when it comes to efficiency, standard four-wheel drive, and off-road performance, there are some big differences to keep in mind. Check out this comparison from Land Rover Hoffman Estates before you decide on your next SUV.

Standard Four-Wheel Drive

In the Hoffman Estates area, winter storms can strike without warning. That's why it's important to make sure your next vehicle is prepared for adverse weather. The standard four-wheel drive of the Range Rover delivers power to the wheels that need it, supplying traction and control on snow and ice. While the Navigator can be equipped with a light-duty four-wheel drive system, you'll need to pay extra.

More Efficiency Equals More Savings

When you choose a vehicle with better overall efficiency, you'll save money on fuel costs year after year. Let's see how the Range Rover and the Navigator's base trims compare in EPA estimated fuel economy:

  • The 2017 Range Rover with standard four-wheel drive supplies 17 mpg city/23 mpg highway.

  • The 2017 Navigator with standard rear-wheel drive offers 15 mpg city/21 mpg highway.

It's rare for a vehicle with four-wheel drive to offer such excellent fuel economy, but the engineers at Land Rover have outdone themselves.

Tackle Dirt Roads with Ease

The Range Rover includes a number of on and off-road performance features that deliver exceptional speed and control:

  • Low-Range Gearing

  • Dynamic Response

  • All-Terrain Progress Control

  • Low Traction Launch

  • Gradient Release Control

  • Hill Descent Control

In addition, a Terrain Response system lets you select the driving mode that best fits the driving surface. Gravel, snow, mud, and sand are no match for the high performance Range Rover. If you're looking for these premium systems in the Lincoln Navigator, you're out of luck. The Navigator simply doesn't offer them. For more capability on slippery Schaumburg streets, choose the Range Rover today.

Choose the Superior SUV Today

When it comes right down to it, the Range Rover bests the Navigator where it counts. To find out more about the luxurious Range Rover interior, consult the experts at Land Rover Hoffman Estates. Our modern showroom is the perfect place to explore the full Land Rover model line, and our staff has received extensive training on each and every vehicle. Contact us today to learn more about the Range Rover!