What is Terrain Response 2?

The Land Rover Terrain Response system has long been the gold standard in the off-road SUV world. It provides multiple driving modes to match the road surface and conditions, and that gives drivers added confidence on snow, mud, gravel, sand, and more. Now this feature has received an important upgrade. Terrain Response 2 adds an automatic terrain selector, letting you sit back and let your Land Rover vehicle do the work for you. Find out more about this feature at Land Rover Hoffman Estates.

Terrain Response 2 Modes

This easy to use feature will automatically choose the mode that best suits the driving conditions. Check out all the available modes that make navigating trails around Schaumburg a breeze:

  • Rock Crawl - Climb over rocks and uneven grades while still maintaining control of your vehicle.

  • General Driving - An excellent all-purpose mode, you can use this for pavement or dirt trails.

  • Grass, Gravel, and Snow - During difficult winter weather (or any other slippery road surface) you'll still be able to maintain traction.

  • Mud and Ruts - On soft trails with deep ruts, your Land Rover vehicle can make progress while remaining in control.

  • Sand - Heading out to Hopkins Park Sand Dunes? Let Terrain Response 2 automatically select this mode for confident handling.

At Land Rover Hoffman Estates, we think the best part about Terrain Response 2 is just how versatile this system is. Find out more about its capability today!

Take Advantage of Terrain Response 2

You'll find Terrain Response 2 throughout upgraded models in the Land Rover lineup, including the capable Range Rover Supercharged trim and the Land Rover Discovery First Edition. On top of Terrain Response 2, these models include nothing but the best in luxury features and off-road performance systems. If you're ready to see for yourself what this feature can do, be sure to stop by Land Rover Hoffman Estates

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At Land Rover Hoffman Estates, our knowledgeable sales staff is happy to show off the performance features of our luxury SUV lineup. Terrain Response 2 has been available since 2013, so keep an eye out for this feature in our used inventory. If you have any questions, contact us today, or fill out the form below and receive a quick response from our customer service team.

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